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Every ending is the beginning | EVS/ESC Final blog | Review #29

There is nothing endless in this world. Everything comes, stays for a little with us and then goes away. Yes, definitely for a little because life only seems to be so long and intertwined but it turns out at the end that it is so short and so quick. So we have to be very attentive to all the little pieces of happiness on our lifeway. Believe me, they happen to you  every day , just be ready to notice.  This story becomes a final article of my European Solidarity Corps and now, when several months have passed, I am finally ready to write a buy-buy part of this blog. Even though I don't feel it as the end at all. Have you ever looked at some period of your life as if through the eye of the camera? Where bright moments become shoots and later on you have to make a movie out of them? Following this idea, I would like to use the technique of film tape* mixed with a diary writing and describe the brightest moments of my staying here at the Leaders of Change Foundation as a volunte

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