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Tired? No. Inspired? Yes! | ESC Review #32.5

Hello, dear!

It has been a long time since I have written my latest piece of the blog but everything happens for a reason. No, no, no, I have not given up, my mind has not gone blank and I have not become tired of writing - I think such a thing can never happen in my life for I am in love with writing and putting my thoughts into words. However, the latest several weeks, to be precise from March 17 up to today, were full of different events which took lots of attention, dedication as well as time.

Now I perfectly realize that I still have the draft of my blog about Prague and a trip there which took place at the end of March (!). It's a pity to realize that so many events have happened since then and there is nothing to read about. However, there is a lot to remember and keep in my heart ❤ I am sure that in ten/twenty/fifty years I will open this blog, see the gap and become curious why it turned out to be right here and what were the reasons for not writing my weekly reviews.


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