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We remember, we value | ESC Weekly Review #17

One more skill, Study Tours to Poland Campaign, English Speaking Club dilemma, Telegram you should definitely subscribe and memory about those who past. This week is my 17th here. I can hardly believe. Soon will be half of my ESC volunteering... Time flies!

#1. New webinar experience!

As you know, I am in love with all these modern ways of learning - webinars, MOOCs, online meetings, Google sheets, etc. Moreover, as soon as you start such a personal way of learning and studying, it becomes hard to go back to more traditional ways of learning. However, it doesn't mean that the role of a tutor or mentor is not useful any more. Just the part of the individual learning is getting more and more privilege day after day; for example, such a tendency I noticed at university when at my 3rd and 4th year almost 75% of the work during different courses was dedicated to home- and individual work.

Anyway, right now I might have reached the point when I could share my knowledge not only with my …

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