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Blogoversary! :) | EVS Weekly Review #10

Here is my little celebration today - blogoversary! Means, there are 10 weeks of my staying, living, and being here in Warsaw! Such an occasion! :) 
Meanwhile, this week I realized that FRI is not going to lose me, learnt about youth voices from 4 countries, spent a lovely evening in the establishment where 'money is made', travelled to 7 countries in one evening and started my new detective life-page :) Interested? Enjoy reading!
#1. FRI Warsaw Group
The previous week I met Andrew Sidlecki who is a member of FRI - All-Ukrainian Youth NGO from and with which I started my own volunteering life almost 4 years ago. Moreover, he is the head of an international department of the organization now. That was great to meet such a pro-active person like him and, to my mind, many true FRI members are such people like him.
So, the idea of this guy was wonderful - to create something like an initiative FRI group in Warsaw. Simple thing - you do projects, engage people and make this world be…

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