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Polskie Radio Dzieciom, Ukraine and me! :)

This month, I was lucky to get to Polskie Radio Dzieciom studio! A real studio!
Thanks to Myrosia Keryk, the head ofUkraiński Dom W Warszawie / Fundacja Nasz Wybór, and her references I was lucky to become a guest at the audition for children about national cuisine "Welcome at the table" (pol. zapraszamy do stołu) 😁🥰😍

Together with Marta Powałowska we were travelling around Ukraine, talking about traditional Ukrainian dishes, amazed our guests by tasty records and, at the very end, cooked outstanding deruny (potato pancakes)! Смачного-smacznego 
Here is a link for the audition from Polskie Radio Dzieciom! Enjoy and Bon Appetite!

With lots of loveESC-wolontariuszka Ira Konoplianko. 

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