Now or never. You only live once! | ESC Weekly Review #15

What is the difference between American and Russian methods of teaching? Do I have stare-at-window-moments in my life? For what concrete things I love my European Solidarity Corps experience? Why the first week at the Foundation became an exotic one and who is a newbie at our office?

Find the answers in my weekly review ;)

#1. Graphics design and Adobe Photoshop

I love developing new skills and exploring completely new
destinations of my life. I think it started in my early childhood when I was trying myself in so many spheres - painting, music, dancing, gymnastics, origami and many more.

However, I do not treat that habit of mine as lack of ability to focus on something particular. I think, it is something that helps me to find myself in this world and obtain the courage to learn, start, build, try and never give up.

Thus, the new thing I develop now is graphics design and professional usage of Adobe Photoshop. For learning, I use my lovely which is full of really useful MOOCs - massive online open courses. Currently, I am working on two courses:
1. Fundamentals of Graphics Design by California Institute of Arts.
2. Растровая Графика. Adobe Photoshop CC by Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

I have learnt only with American courses before; however now, as you've noticed, I am working on a Russian language course. Actually, I feel the difference in the methods of teaching, not crucial but perceptible,

American courses are 'more motivated' somehow. What I mean is that, per instance, you have 10 minutes of video at a general level and if you want, you can learn additional information through the resources in attachments, but that is not necessary but you're motivated enough with that small video to learn even more. However, your final test contains of those general topics only.

On the other hand, the course made by Eastern Europe lecturers and teachers is more structured - there is lots of information to learn in worksheets, pictures, notes, etc. The test includes all the information, not only from the video materials, but from additional resources too. Therefore, you have to learn all the materials in order to pass the test successfully.

Anyway, both of these courses are perfect in combination! Because I get both theory+practical tasks and motivation+examples. Brilliant match!

#2. We are those who surround us

Sometimes I have these periods in my life when you think you're alone and all you can do is to stare at the window and watch the birds sitting on the tree* Complete rubbish!

You're never alone and you're always surrounded by great, beautiful and amazing people. So am I :) That's why on Friday I said to myself 'No pessimism, go and enjoy!' and I spent a lovely time with Kirkland Scholarship students.

Everything you need sometimes is just a gentle (or not very) push and words 'Now or never. You only live once!'.

*Cases when you want to concentrate on yourself, your life, think about plans and future are not counted.

#3. Telegram Channel

Every European Voluntary Service (or European Solidarity Corps) volunteer should have her own project. Mine one is a Telegram page with different opportunities for students and professionals who are alumni of two programs of Leaders of Change Foundation - Study Tours to Poland and The Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program. Though this field is not a brand new one, I get necessary skills in providing Telegram Channel and using different Telegram tools. Love European Solidarity Corps Program for opening new horizons!

#4. New colleague :)

Also, this week we had a new colleague at the Foundation. What are you thinking about when I say 'a new colleague'? Tall guy or lady? Outstanding skills in some particular field or perfect knowledge of computer? Put your guess aside, man.

Our newbie is a turtle - żółw as it's called in Polish. This little
creature is really sleepy during the day but in the evening and at night it is just an energetic machine!!! We let him 'have a walk' in the room where I am working (as I am only one there) and that little thing made probably 100 circles around the room!

So strong and independent pet but, on the other hand, so little and defenceless. Mr.żółw, come again :)

All the best from ESC-wolontariuszka Ira Konoplianko. 
Cześć! ;)


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