Happy New Year! | EVS Weekly Review #13

Christmas and traditions, old friends and even older memories, trips and buses, laughing and coughing, tears and dwarfs, and lots of sweet memories! 

Happy New Year, readers! May this year be awesome for you! The ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what the ships are built for. So build your own ship and sail your life!

#1. Catholic Christmas with the Prusinowskis

Truly beautiful Catholic Christmas with the Prusinowskis. Thank you very much for having us with you this wonderful night - the one full of faith, hope and miracle! We were introduced to all the traditions during this evening - starting with opłatek and finishing with watching many Poles visiting the Catholic church. 

Now I understand why Poles treat this holiday as a very family and reunion one. Because no one can be alone this holy and silent night!

#2. Meeting with Ania and a cake :)

I feel a lack of words to describe how really beautiful this December is! Thank you, life, for letting me have so many wonderful people around!

This day we met our lovely STP coordinator Anna Łukawska-Adamczyk and her husband Adam Adamczyk. These people are great examples of how hard work, efforts, energy and will lead to success! You should just keep going!

Thank you very much for spending this lovely time together! I hope, Ann, these every year meetings will become a great tradition of ours. We just cannot skip it because we already have 3 years behind 

Dziękujemy bardzo za wszystko! Buziaczki 

#3. Lazienki Krolewskie

I try to make girls' staying here more interesting, so this week we've been to Łazienki Królewskie. The time when you have to show your friends the city you live in is great for you too because of observing the places you haven't been to before. So, despite really dreadful weather and the absence of my voice, we spent this day with lots of positive emotions!

#4. Trip to Wroclaw

I can definitely say that winter is a great time to travel around mild climate countries ONLY in case you have a good company AND a travel car

It was raining all days long... However, we tried to stay positive and believe in every little good thing. Though it was incredibly hard to stay in a good mood when your coat is always wet, all the street are empty, and the sky is grey, the point is not in the place but in the people you spend your time with!

Concerning the city - there are LOTS OF GERMAN TOURISTS! Sometimes it might even seem that you are in a German city. Everywhere you hear German speaking so if you're interested in guessing German accents or practising your listening skills - come to Wroclaw (there are even more German tourists than in Poznań)!

Of course, we found these little symbols of Wroclaw - krasnals -
small Polish dwarfs. They are situated in many places and are connected to different spheres. Here you can find a krasnal-tourist, a krasnal-bank-manager, a krasnal-statue-of-liberty and even an orchestra of these small residents!

Also, there you can see a list of not-so-good and good things happened to us in Wroclaw:

Blue things:

1. I lost my bank card here. The first time in my life I lost so important thing!!! Does it mean I will go back?
2. Rainy weather. All day long. 
3. Two men throwing firecrackers into the lake just in front of us. Why people do this?
4. A very strange poster near Music Theatre with the solar sign in a white circle on a red background. Got what it looks like?

Wonderful memories:

1. A man found my card and called the back in order to give this card back to me 2. We were walking all the time and really enjoyed spending time outside (when it was not raining much)!3. Our hostel was really close to the city centre, so we didn't use trams at all.4. We're going back in front seats by flixbus! All the road is in front of us

Anyway, it was a lovely trip because we were together with my sis! Wish you to stay positive despite all the strange and grey things surrounding you!

#5. Happy new year, dear readers!

Finally, dear reader, I wish you spend these holidays in a lovely family atmosphere! May this year 2019 become something valuable and significant for you. May every your day be bright and unique and all great things happen to you as much as you want them to 

The ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what the ships are built for. So build your own ship and sail your life!

All the best from EVS-wolontariuszka Ira Konoplianko. 
Cześć! ;)


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