STP for professionals | EVS Weekly Review #11

Trips around two Polish regions, new experience and acquaintances with Study Tours to Poland Program. Are you aware that this amazing program is available not only for active and goal-oriented students?

Also, this week I was a helper at Jarmark Bożonarodzeniowy * Різдвяний Ярмарок and took part in Warsaw Group (the active group of NGO Foundation of Regional Initiatives) first meeting! Happy to share my emotions with you

#1. Study Tours to Poland for professionals

Do you know that Study Tours to Poland program is not only for students but for professionals too? Professionals who are eager to develop their knowledge in the sphere of decentralization, reforms, and administration are welcomed here as participants too! 

Today I met many great people from all over Ukraine who are constantly working on making Ukraine a better place! The participants are current representatives of different city councils, administration institutions, etc. They also have broad experience in decentralization processes and their aim here in Poland was to get even more experience for implementing this knowlddge in further work.

Though all the STP participants are from different cities, towns and villages, their eyes are shining all the same!

#2. Biedrooonkaaa! and Room#501

Each great project is of course connected to many funny stories. The latest one, Study Tours to Poland for professionals, was also filled with soooo many jokes One of a joke I'd like to share with you.

If you're familiar with some educational projects you understand that all the participants in most cases live together in one hostel, hotel or house. This project wasn't an exception. There was one guy who always wrote to the group chat in the evening "Everyone, come to 501" but, unfortunately, the company was all the same - several men who lived together 

So, finally, at one of the nights he wrote a phrase which must be saved as a proverb :
"This night you have two options:
1. Go to sleep
2. Come to 501" and that was all 

We were laughing so hard after this and in 2 or 3 days he finally got his visitors

#3. Ukrainian fair

Volunteering can be different, even something like this This week I was a crazy PELwoMAN at Jarmark Bożonarodzeniowy * Різдвяний Ярмарок organized by Ukraiński Dom W Warszawie / Український дім у Варшаві. The most valuable thing you can give people is your time. That is why I treat people who do something on a voluntary basis (from workshops to aid) as the most generous people in this world!

#4. FRI Warsaw Group

Welcome on the stage! The first strategic meeting of Warsaw Group 
As a former member of ФРІ Харків, now I am happy to become a little part of an initiative group of Ukrainian organization in Poland. We are eager to create important and useful projects, get soft and hard skills, help people develop themselves and promote Ukraine. Stay tuned! 

All the best from EVS-wolontariuszka Ira Konoplianko. 
Cześć! ;)


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